Platinum Placements International is a trusted international lottery entry service agency which has been in operation for over 10 years. All the entries you place are received and processed only by authorized agents who are licensed by the government of the National Lottery’s home country.

Over the years, more than 180,000 international lottery players have availed of PPI’s services. Because of the reliable service we provide and our unsullied integrity, more and more lottery fans all over the world continue to play their special numbers via Platinum Placements International.

PPI not only enters your lucky numbers into your preferred overseas Government Lottery, we also collect and send you your winnings- 100 PERCENT FREE of any surcharges or fees!

When you enter an international lottery with PPI, you are assured that it is processed and entered by reliable and authorized Lottery Agents. PPI will also keep you up to date on all draw results and notify you of upcoming BIG JACKPOTS so you can enter your numbers quickly and easily.

Platinum Placements International has your best interests at heart. We make sure that your plays are entered on time in the national lottery you choose; we keep you updated on all draw results and upcoming jackpots; and most especially, we make sure that you receive ALL of your winnings – up to the last cent!


Platinum Placements International is sadly aware that there are hundreds or even thousands of lottery scams circulating via direct mail and email all over the world. We are deeply concerned by this as these dishonest people are tarnishing the reputation of the international lottery industry as a whole.

So how do you keep yourself from falling victim to a scam? Simple. Bear in mind that you can never win in a lottery that you’ve never entered.

If and when you win a prize with one of your entries with PPI, you will be notified of your winnings either by email or direct mail. If the prize is really big, a PPI agent will call you and ask you how and where you want your full cash prize to be sent. We’ll send your prize to you for FREE to any bank in the world you nominate. There will be absolutely no transaction fees, bank transfer charges, taxes or commissions!

To find out more about how to identify if a communication you have received is a scam, you may contact PPI at:

11 G Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1 Ireland
(+353 1) 513 7420