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EUROMILLIONS is the collaboration of several European lotteries to form one of the most prosperous lottery jackpots in Europe. Originally, the UK National Lottery, Loterias Y Apuestos Del Estado of Spain and Francaise de Jux have formed the union to create the Euro Millions lottery. Now the lotteries from Belgium, Andorra, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, Monaco, and Switzerland has joined in their millions contributing to the richest and biggest lottery in Europe with 13 participating countries.

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Exciting Changes, More Chances to Win!

Changes had been made to the Euro Millions Lottery giving you more opportunities to win larger prizes. More importantly, there can now be two new multi-millionaires each week with Euro Millions Draws now held every Tuesday and Friday.

The number selections in "Lucky Stars" have been increased from 1 to 12 (formerly 1 to 11) in order to create more rollovers. There are now more prizes to be won. From 9 prize divisions, there are now 13 prize tiers - giving you more chances to win tax-free cash prizes!

*Euro Millions prizes are tax-free except for Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland

How To Play

  • Choose How Many Games You'd Like To Play

    You can play a minimum of one Game (or Set of 6 numbers) up to a maximum of 5 Games at a time, over a subscription period of 3, 5 or 10 Draws. There are 2 EuroMillions Draws held each week (every Tuesday and Friday).

  • Select Your Numbers.

    The object of EuroMillions is to pick a total of five (5) numbers and hope that the numbers drawn match the ones you picked. The easiest and quickest way to play is to choose a "Quick Pick," which is a set of numbers randomly selected for you by the computer. If you choose to specify the numbers yourself, select five distinct numbers between 1 and 50, and two "Lucky Star" number between 1 and 12. The Lucky Stars can be the same as one of the first five numbers.

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Now that there are 13 prize divisions in EuroMillions Lottery, your odds of winning in every given draw is even better. Although winning the jackpot has odds of 1 in 116,531,800, the odds of winning any prize has greatly improved to 1 in 13!

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13 Prize Divisions

Euro Millions prize tiers are pari-mutuel. Meaning, the individual prize in each tier varies depending on that week's ticket sales, the rollover amount (jackpot tier only) and the number of winners in that tier.

The Prize Divisions are as follows.

15232.00 %
2514.80 %
3501.60 %
442.80 %
541.70 %
640.70 %
732.50 %
8222.30 %
9312.20 %
10303.70 %
11126.50 %
122117.60 %
132018.00 %
Reserved Funds8.60 %
TOTAL100.00 %

EuroMillions is a lottery game with a roll over jackpot. That means, if the jackpot prize is not won, it is "rolled over" and is added to the jackpot for next draw. If the jackpot prize just keeps rolling over and no one has won it on the 12th draw, the grand prize will be "rolled down" and will be distributed among the players in the 2nd tier or level. These are the players who guessed right the 5 main numbers and one "Lucky Star".

A huge portion of the profits generated by the EuroMillions Lottery goes to the funding of the participating countries "good causes". The Lottery gives back to the community by funding the local charities and local activities.

Lottery Recap:

Game Type:5/50 + 2 Lucky Stars
First Draw:February 13th 2004
Draw Schedule:Friday at 9:00 PM UK Time, 10:00pm CET in France and Spain
Draw Venue:UK, France and Spain
Biggest Jackpot:€190 Million August 10, 2012

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