Irish Lottery

You don't have to have a four leaf clover to win in the Irish Lottery!

In the Irish Lottery, the jackpot prize is never less than US$3 Million and is more frequently over US$7 Million. It goes up as much as US$15 Million -- and even more! The highest record jackpot prize is €16,185,749 which was drawn on July 28, 2007.

There are a lot of chances to win, and there isn't always a winner. Once the jackpot prize is not won, it is automatically rolled over to the next draw...making the Jackpot prize bigger and bigger - until it is finally won!

There are 7 ways to win even if you don't win the Jackpot Prize. You can bring home tons of the cash prizes - all of them paid tax free and in lump sum!

The IRISH lottery began its gaming operations in 1987. Since then it has become one of the favorite lottery games of lottery fans all over the world. More than 50% of the funds generated by the IRISH LOTTERY is paid out as prize money. The rest of the funds are used to subsidize projects in Ireland that focus on sports, health, arts, recreation, national heritage and culture.

How To Play

  • Choose How Many Games You'd Like To Play.

    You can play a minimum of one Game (or Set of 6 numbers) up to a maximum of 8 Games at a time, over a subscription period of 3, 6 or 12 Draws. There are 2 Irish Lotto Draws held each week (every Wednesday and Saturday).

  • Select Your Numbers.

    The object of Irish Lotto is to pick a total of six (6) numbers and hope that the numbers drawn match the ones you picked. The easiest and quickest way to play is to choose a "Quick Pick," which is a set of numbers randomly selected for you by the computer. If you choose to specify the numbers yourself, select six distinct numbers between 1 and 45.

7 Prize Divisions

This is the percentage share of the prize money you'll win if some or all of your numbers are drawn.

PRIZE POOLMatching NumbersPercentage Payout
Total Prize Pool (€)
Division 1
Match 6 Numbers€2,000,000
(guaranteed pool)
Division 2Match 5 + Bonus Number€25,000
Division 3Match 5 Numbers5.38% of total prize pool
Division 4Match 4 + Bonus Number1.35% of total prize pool
Division 5Match 4 Numbers8.30% of total prize pool
Division 6Match 3 + Bonus Number5.53% of total prize pool
Division 7Match 3 Numbers€5

Lottery Summary:

Game Type:6/45
First Draw:March 23, 1987
Draw Schedule:Wednesday and Saturday 7:57 pm
Draw Venue:Broadcast live on RTE
Biggest Jackpot:€16,185,749 on July 28, 2007

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