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Win Big Prizes - Two Different Ways - With These New Special Draws from Platinum Placements International!

Each time you place an order with PPI, you're automatically entered into both of these big draws for FREE!

1. Lucky Cash Draw

  • The Lucky Cash draws are 2 annual draws held in June for cash prizes of US$5,000.

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2. Australian Gold Draw

  • At the end of each month, two lucky players are selected to win FREE LOTTERY PLAY for one whole year!
  • The winners are entered into 2 games of OZ Gold Saturday 6/45 lotto for an entire year.
  • The games commence a week after their names are drawn.
  • All the monthly Australian Gold Draw winners are notified by mail/email of the game details.
  • Players may not win the Australian Gold Draw more than once.

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To Be In To Win a Prize in Our Special Draws:

To qualify for both the Lucky Cash Draw and the monthly Australian Draw, you must either be a new subscriber or a renewing player during the prize draw month.

Every purchase you make gives you an entry in the raffle… So the more lotteries you play with PPI, the more chances you have of becoming one of our raffle winners!

El Gordo Group Play

One of the most common practices among Spanish lottery players is to pool money with friends and family to buy multiple tickets for upcoming El Gordo Draws.

It makes perfect sense to play El Gordo with more people. It's more practical and economical - you could buy multiple tickets and get multiple chances of winning instead of playing with just a single Ticket.

Sign up for Platinum Placements International's El Gordo Group Play and share 10 El Gordo Draw Tickets with a group. Imagine increasing your chances of winning one or more cash prizes tenfold!

Best of all, the full entry cost is equally divided among all the ticket shareholders, so you end up paying less than what you'd normally do. You can purchase one El Gordo Group Share for only $23, and there's no limit to the number of shares you can buy. The more shares you have, the more chances you have of sharing in your group's big big cash winnings!

It's The Richest Draw In The World!

It's called the richest lottery in the world for a very good reason! Play in the El Gordo Draw and get the best possible odds of winning huge cash prizes. More importantly, by joining EL GORDO GROUP PLAY, you increase your chances of landing that big cash payout by ten. Even if your Group only lands the 3rd Prize, your share of the winnings can still bring you a sizable fortune!

EuroMillions Group

Get a share of the biggest and most popular European lottery jackpot - EUROMILLIONS! Grab that chance to win from generous jackpots of 15 Million Euros to as much as 183 Million euros!

The jackpots in Euro Millions are no doubt the largest in Europe but they are also the most difficult cash prizes to win. To improve their odds of winning, lottery fans there often pool their money together, enter several number combinations in Euro Millions draws, and just divide the winnings equally among all the group members.


You don't have to look for a group of people to share your Euro Millions entries with - Platinum Placements International will do that for you! Sign up for Euro Millions Group Play and automatically get to share 288 number combinations with a group, giving you 288 entries in a single Euro Millions draw. This automatically gives you 288 chances of winning your share of the huge Euro Millions Jackpot while paying just a small portion of the cost!

Each Group Share costs only 19 euros! The more Euro Millions Group shares you own, the bigger your shares, the huge cash prize payouts!


Your Group's 288 sets of entries are guaranteed to win a minimum of 10 prize wins in any of Euro Millions' 13 prize divisions. This scientific approach to group play can possibly win you millions of euros in cash prizes! What are you waiting for? Join Euro Millions Group now!

13 Prize Divisions…

15232.00 %
2514.80 %
3501.60 %
442.80 %
541.70 %
640.70 %
732.50 %
8222.30 %
9312.20 %
10303.70 %
11126.50 %
122117.60 %
132018.00 %
Reserved Funds8.60 %
TOTAL100.00 %

EURO MILLIONS is a joint venture between lotteries from 9 member countries such as the UK National Lottery, Francaise de Jeux (French lottery operator), Loterias Y Apuetos del Estado of Spain, and lotteries from Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal.

Euro Millions Lotto Recap...

Game Type:5/50 + 2 Lucky Stars
First Draw:February 13th 2004
Draw Schedule:Friday at 9:00 PM UK Time, 10:00pm CET in France and Spain
Draw Venue:UK, France and Spain
Biggest Jackpot: €190 Million August 10, 2012
Biggest Individual Winner/Payout: €190 Million August 10, 2012

Power Play

Introducing the $100M POWERPLAY program, a unique way to maximize your chances of winning whenever the USA Powerball Jackpot hits $100M – and above! The system is proven to give your group 10 minimum prize wins in every draw, literally multiplying your chances of winning huge cash prizes tenfold!

How Does It Work?

Your group's 350 number selections consist of 10 sets of 5 main numbers --- with all possible Powerballs from 1-35 (this makes 350 games in all!l). Since you're guaranteed to hit the Powerball at least 10 times, you're automatically ensured a minimum of 10 prize wins in the draw!

Play Only When Jackpots Are US$100 MILLION – Or More!

POWERPLAY groups are formed only when the US Powerball Jackpot reach a minimum amount of $100 Million - so you get the most chances possible at a massive cash prize payout!

Minimal Cash Out

Playing 350 Powerball Games would cost you hundreds of euros. But because the Powerplay entry cost is divided among your group Group, you can buy one Share right now for just EU15! You can order as many shares as you want for even bigger chances of winning.

So, don't hesitate. Sign up for the new $100M POWERPLAY program today!

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